How to create a music channel on YouTube: instructions for a singer and musician

YouTube has its own specifications that need to be considered in order to create a music channel. Let’s talk about the rules of optimization and the correct implementation of the content plan.

Creating a channel step by step looks like this:

    • Define the topic, headings.
    • Draw up a primary content plan.
    • Think over the corporate style.
    • Decide what programs will be needed in the work.
    • Read YouTube copyright rules.
    • Create a new google account.
    • Customize the channel.
    • Create and upload your first video.
    • Search for an audience.

Coming up with the theme and future headings of the channel

You need to create a name that accurately describes the content of the channel and associates the channel with your name.

There are 2 pluses here:

    • The title corresponds to the topic.
    • The name of the author is mentioned.

You have to think in advance which playlists you will have. For example:

    • Covers.
    • Author’s songs and tracks.
    • Everything about music and vocals.
    • Opinions about YouTube singers and bloggers.

Start working with 1-2 playlists, and later the topic will expand and new playlists will be created.

Audio and video software for musicians

There are a number of free programs that allow you to trim, edit, convert the audio file to another format, or overdub several tracks.

If you are a musician you  durely have the necessary software for working with audio, and perhaps you will come across video for the first time. You will need a program to do simple video editing, merge videos, pictures and add audio. Also, a converter is useful software for work when you need to download youtube videos to computer to save time and work with them later.

YouTube loves high quality, the standard format for YouTube is 1280* 720 for both videos and previews. There is enough Adobe Premiere functionality for editing. Although the newer versions render better video from an action camera, for example.

As for audio, I do everything only in FL Studio, I also recently needed Adobe Audition to do simple operations quickly, as well as manipulate other people’s tracks.

To facilitate the work, I created templates for Photoshop files, text templates for descriptions, a folder with everything necessary for editing (portraits, logo, previews, cliparts). Collected repetitive elements, for example, pictures with a logo and slogans.

youtube music channel

We draw up a content plan for YouTube

The first video may be introductory, but I do not recommend making it as an introduction of the author. No one will look at a stranger. I suggest creating a trailer for the channel. Show fragments of work and tell what the channel will be about.

Next, you can plan which videos will be released first. We need to interest something. The channel is new, which means that many will bypass it. I propose to immediately start pouring in what you already know how, the main thing is to do it confidently. There is no need to tell people that you “try and suddenly it doesn’t work, I’m not a professional” and so on.

Setting up a music channel

First, you need to write briefly in the “About the channel” section what the channel is about, who you are, and add links to sites and social networks. Secondly, you can drive a ready-made template into the channel description, which will go to each video.

For example, you write the first paragraph about what the video is about, and at the end the template itself will be put down. There may be a link, an invitation to the site, a call to subscribe, a link to your channel or to a playlist.

There is also a field “channel keywords”, this is your generalized semantic core, write the most general keys there. And private tags under the videos already.

Create your first YouTube video

The best option is the channel trailer. Assemble beautifully, but the main attention should be paid to audio, you can just start a slideshow, you can put your photo. The main thing is that video does not dominate over audio.

The trailer is put in the recommendations. YouTube has two options – for new viewers and for subscribers. Put the trailer in the section “for new viewers”, let it always be there.

When the videos appear, you can link to the trailer via end screensavers. The trailer will be our target video that we promote in YouTube search.

Do not forget to use screensavers in each video and also subscribe to the channel.

Looking for the first viewers

Search engines ignore new sites and channels. Therefore, you need to tell your friends about the channel, scatter it on social networks and call those subscribers who have watched you on other channels, if you know that they are related to music or like to watch everything. You will make mutual subscriptions with them, and YouTube will see that activity has begun.

But people don’t know about your channel yet, and YouTube doesn’t rank. Therefore, it is important to name the videos correctly, as well as play them entirely. Go to the subscribers whom you have collected by your old connections and chat with them in the comments. There is a great chance that they will come back to you.

Also write your own comment. Many popular bloggers do this. In the comment, you supplement the information in the description, use keywords, add opinion.

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