Right-handed guitar playing

Those who only learn to play guitar often ask how to play with their right hand? How do you play a song with your right hand? They want to learn the accompaniment quickly and independently – and that’s actually good. That’s the first step in mastering the guitar, but one day there will be a second and a third. And in the meantime… Here’s our unofficial advice on amateur song singing.

This article is neither a lesson from the Academy of Guitar, nor even a recommendation for training. In the training course of the Academy of Guitar accompaniment of rageado (which is the name of what in an amateur environment is called “fight”) is studied in the second semester, only after the study of important preparatory aspects of musical theory and skills for practical guitar playing.

However we see that on all guitar forums questions about “fight” appear with regular frequency. And that’s good! So, people want to learn to play guitar. Everybody starts with songs, just some people go further and learn to play for real. But that happens later.

The only bad thing, from our point of view, is that in response to our question, a person hears that playing guitar is easy, there’s a “guitar fight”, you clamp the chords like that, you hit the strings like that – and that’s it. This is either an explanation of the same amateur guitarist, not far from the primitive chords, or a conscious attempt not to make it too difficult to teach yourself a real guitar game.

However, we understand that there will still be those who want to learn the game with chords from scratch, and there will still be those who say, “It’s very simple. Take the guitar and hit the strings like…”

That’s why we decided: if a person wants to master the guitar himself, and immediately from playing “fight” on the guitar, let him have at least a reasonable description of how you can learn to play quickly, here and now.

Well, let’s take our mind off high art and go back to our roots – let’s learn to play guitar in battle. An elective lesson on yard performance of your favorite hits begins…

Types of combat and their designations
The technique of hitting strings was developed by Spanish guitarists; the correct name for this technique is “rageado”. There are more than 100 types of Razgeado, in the development of this technique of the game particularly successful flamenco guitar. Raggedo technique in its classical sense is used one way or another in almost all styles of guitar music.

For example, look at how to use the punches on the strings of the reception razgeado in an excellent arrangement of Vyacheslav Shuvalov’s music from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean for the finger-style guitar!

You can learn to play guitar just as beautifully, spectacularly and virtuoso if you take a course at the National Guitar Academy!

But if you just want to touch the basics of guitar art and learn guitar accompaniment with a chord fight, we will tell you about what it is and how it is played on guitar.

It was in an amateur environment that the term “chord fight” or “guitar fight” appeared. This name was given to a performance in which the right hand hits from top to bottom or from bottom to top on all or almost all strings simultaneously. Strings are struck at a certain rhythm. The left hand in this case “puts chords” on the neck, that is, presses the strings so that when they all sound together, you get a chord. Then the left hand puts the next chord, and the right hand repeats the same “fight”, that is, the same rhythmic pattern of beats on the strings. It is not difficult to learn this even to the one who first took the guitar in his hand.

We will understand only the principle of playing with the right hand, and only one kind of guitar “fight”, one rhythmic pattern, which can play accompaniment to almost all popular songs.

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